Why you need to think before saying yes


New year, new you? Did you make a long list of resolutions of things would achieve this year? Or perhaps you skip the New Years Resolutions for different goals throughout the year?

Whatever your preferred method of setting goals is, there is no doubt that this is the time of year we all start talking about the big changes that will definitelyhappen this year!

There's a lot of great material out there to help you plan and achieve your goals. But in my opinion, most of them miss one word that might make or break your ability to actually achieve them.

This post is all about one little word: no.

Life throws so many opportunities at us, and often we can get caught up trying to do everything for everyone; that is, everyone apart from ourselves! At this time of year, fresh with enthusiasm to try new things and achieve big new goals, it can be easy to get caught up saying yes to absolutely everything.

Particularly at the start of your career, it’s difficult to say “no” to anything. That is, without hours of agony and thinking what if….

Don’t waste all your hard work on building your brand, connections and routines only to allow yourself to become distracted from your vision.

When you say yes to something what are you saying no to?

Next time you jump to say yes to something, I challenge you to ask yourself:

Is the opportunity in line with my top priorities and goals?

Will it help me get the experience that I need? Will it be something that I enjoy doing, or will it feel like a burden in my already crazy schedule?

Do I have the time to take on something else?

Will I be able to deliver something that I feel proud of, or will I have to rush through the job, feeling stressed and overwhelmed? What will I have to give up to take on this additional work?

Or is it something you love?

Will you wake up in the morning excited and ready to jump into it? Is it something that you will make time for? If this is the case, say yes!

I dare you: next time someone asks for your time and expertise – don’t just rush to say yes, take a deep breath and be honest about whether it is a real opportunity or just another thing to clutter your life.