Authenticity: why you need to share and connect


I have touched previously touched on the fact that people crave real: they want to connect to the real, authentic you. The benefits of sharing are twofold

First, a key for career success is giving back. Sharing is an immensely powerful and rewarding way to help others. Sharing your knowledge not only helps others who are at different points of their career journey, it also helps establish you as a thought leader within your profession or space.

The thought leaders space is no longer reserved for politicians and CEOs. These days, everyone share their knowledge on social media and start establishing their brand presence. It’s an exciting time! Don’t waste this opportunity by being overly protective of what you know.

Secondly, sharing is the foundation for building a tribe. No one can exist or thrive within a vacuum; we exist within communities of connectivity, ecosystems that are built and shaped by interactions.

As Seth Godin suggests, build a tribe by sharing information that is personal, relevant and anticipated.

Build up a tribe that includes a diverse range of people: don’t just surround yourself with “yes people”. We need to share our knowledge and create a tribe with people from all different backgrounds to help challenge us to achieve our goals.

So, today I challenge you.

  • When was the last time your shared your knowledge?
  • What is your special area of expertise and how can you share this with the world?

Look for opportunities to learn and share what you know. You never know whom you can help, or the benefits of the tribe that you will create.