How to find your purpose


A while back a friend told me that she had always thought that our professional lives and doing something that we love are two separate things, and that she was really struggling to change this mentality. She wanted to do something that she loves, but doesn’t know how to find her purpose.

My friend’s challenge is one that all of us will face at some point of our journey.

 So what do you do if you don’t know your ultimate destination, but are ready to start your own journey?

Ready to find your purpose? Let's go!

1. Ask yourself why are you still standing on the edge?

A while back, I explored the key to getting started, ie just do it! Did you take my advice or are you still plotting your next big thing in the back of your mind? Don’t think about it, do it!

2. Be open to new ideas

Never allow yourself to think that, just because you have always done something a particular way, this is how it will be forever. Being open to new ideas is a mindset. Change your mindset and change your reality.

3. Remember that options have value

Someone told me recently “options have value”, and it’s a little phrase that keeps popping into my head.

When you are open to new ideas, and learning as much as you possibly can, you never know what opportunities might suddenly come your way. Building a wide range of skills will not only challenge you today, it may also be what you need to do to feel purposeful tomorrow.

Find your purpose

4. Break down the big picture

Lofty dreams are great, but not if they overwhelm you to the point of inaction.

I was reading the Steel Heels blog by Sharon Warburton earlier today that said: “ask yourself, how do you eat an elephant?” Obviously you can’t eat the elephant all at once! Break it down into manageable pieces and get to work!

5. Remove excess baggage

Deep down you know if something is holding you back, whether it is internal or external. Baggage such as toxic friends and negative self thought will only stall your journey. It is time to ask yourself the tricky questions. Don’t be afraid to cut the excess baggage – be bold and move forward!

6. Set your arrival date

Be strict with yourself – if you are making the commitment to trying something new or exploring your options, set a date and work towards it. Write it down and be accountable. Then remind yourself of the first point: jump!

Thanks for joining me on this journey – your company means more to me than you know, and I can proudly say that I am back on track to finding my purpose.