The link between success and wellbeing


When I started my blog, I was hesitant to stray from my focus of career building, mentoring, and creating a network of support for young professionals. While this will please everyone who is stuck in freezing Melbourne and doesn’t want to be inundated with stories of me enjoying four weeks of European summer in July (so excited!), in the last week I have realised that we need to start having a honest look at our lifestyles and health - and how this impacts our ability to reach our goals.

The link between success and wellbeing

I don't know if there was something about last week, but everyone seemed sick and tired. I was running round like crazy with breakfasts, lunches, dinners, coffee catch ups, networking functions... and the list goes on. I wasn’t eating well or sleeping enough, repeatedly skipped the gym, and I noticed a huge impact on my health and wellbeing.

The point of this post is not to complain - I said yes to all of these invites and I love being busy - but it is to question if we can be effective workers, leaders, friends, partners when we live like this?

In my opinion (and I am happy to debate with people who think they can work until 3am, eat takeout, skip their exercise routines and still operate effectively), how we treat our mind and body directly correlates to our ability to achieve our goals, both professionally and personally.

I recently started a “friend coaching” exercise with a great friend who is on a similar journey to me. We have spent the last couple of weeks brainstorming ideas and formulating how this will work (keep an eye out for our tips on Making It Up!). We both have ambitious plans, and are working hard to bring our ideas to life.

But last week we both felt seriously flat, and realised that it was probably not going to be the week that we changed the world. Instead of complaining (I would be lying if I said this has never happened) we decided to dedicate the week to “cleaning the slate” and trying to find some down time amongst the madness. The week’s plan included little things - from cleaning out our emails (seeing the angry red 1000+ new emails notification fills me with anxiety!), decluttering our lives and to do lists, and not making excuses to skip our yoga classes.

One week on, do I feel any different?

To be honest, I still feel like I could sleep for a week. I guess this is the whole point: lifestyle change requires patience and commitment - its not going to happen overnight. That said, the small changes are really making a difference! Clearing my backlog of things to do has stopped me from being anxious about spending time at the gym, and trying to balance nights out with some time disconnecting at home has been rejuvenating (and great for the liver!).

While some of these goals may seem silly - we all need to think about the clutter that we need to remove to be the best version of ourselves.

Is it time you had a look at all the “stuff” that is going on in your life? Is it impacting on your health or your work? Perhaps if you are feeling like me, you could join me on this new journey - I would appreciate all the support I can get!


photo credit: Arwens Abendstern via photopin cc