Learning to fly


As my dedicated followers can see, big things are happening at Making It Up! After almost six months of sharing the stories of young professionals forging their path in the corporate world, it is time for a revamp.

Learning to fly

As we launch the new page and exciting new features, I wanted to thank everyone for their patience and support of the Making It Up vision. What started as a way for me to share my tales with family and friends has already grown into so much more.

It has been a massive few weeks for me, and I am SO excited about all of the things to come. In addition to celebrating my 26th birthday with family and friends, I have been super busy being inspired by and meeting leaders such as Julia Gillard (has anyone read her book yet? I am hearing amazing things), Bec Derrington (of SourceBottle fame) and Sarah Riegelhuth (amazing visionary and co-founder of Wealth Enhancers and the League of Extraordinary Women).

In all honesty, these weeks have been full of ups and downs. But when I connect to a colleague, young leader or hear stories of other young professionals and their achievements, it reminds me of my why. As a generation, I have no doubt we will change the world. This is my why. So a BIG thank you to everyone following the blog, I can't wait for the next chapter of this journey.

Phoebe x

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