Can you hack your way to inspiration?

A while back I shared how I was working to overcome my writer’s block as part of a challenge set by my team at work. As part of my challenge I asked the team to hold me accountable, promising that I would continue to work on my writing after my challenge was over.

While I haven’t hit 500 words a day, or came up with a great concept for my first novel, I have started to chip away at getting back into my writing. Slowly, ideas start to form and swirl around my brain. I’ve found myself reaching for my notebook or sticky note to write down new ideas. I’ve caught up with friends who inspire me to do more, challenge myself and trust my gut. 

“The Challenge” got me thinking… is there a way I can speed up the process of rediscovery? Is there a way I can “hack” feeling more inspired?

I decided it’s worth a shot. Like all great ideas, it came to me in the shower. I am going to have an “Inspiration Month”. 

Throughout the month, I’m going to hold myself accountable to doing what I can to re-ignite my creativity. I believe that we are what we repeatedly do, so this month I’m going to do something.

I’m going to: 

Write 500 words a day x5 a week

This is going to be a challenge! After being away for a few weeks, I want to set up a routine back at home. By the end of the month I want to have 20 posts/articles/stories.

 If I can stick to it, this equals 10,000 words. I’m not expecting that everyone of these words will be something that I want to share or publish. Rather, it’s about getting back in the habit of writing and forcing myself to push through when it gets hard or uncomfortable.

Find and share new ideas

I want to get out of my bubble, by swapping news headlines and reality TV recaps for content that actually makes me want to be a better writer! While I’ll never give up my addiction to current affairs, I probably don’t need to be reading recaps of shows I don’t even watch…

I’m also hoping that sharing things that inspire me also opens me up to receiving new ideas from other people. Read a great article? Please, send it my way.

Create space for inspiration

Finally, I want to have a bit of an inspiration spring clean. I know that I’m easily distracted by the long list of jobs that I have, and my ever-growing to do list. This takes up space in my mind that could be filled with new ideas.

I want to tidy up the broken links on my website, tidy up my desktop, even clean out my closet. While they may not be directly linked to inspiration (arguably, the opposite), this is what is going to help me focus in the long run.

How have you got through a period where you are uninspired? I’d love to know!

Phoebe Vertigan